A magic triangle from blending to filling

An overarching view giving practical insights into lactose-based DPI formulations, with and without magnesium stearate

Three leading companies with complementary areas of expertise have joined forces to conduct a unique multidisciplinary study giving practical insights into lactose-based DPI formulations with and without magnesium stearate. Their findings will give generic players a head start in the development process so that they can tap into this rapidly growing market. Formulation specialist DFE Pharma, powder processing technology manufacturer Hosokawa Micron and machine-building expert Harro Höfliger will be presenting the key insights from their research throughout the year.

“By providing access to our newly generated insights, via an integral approval with three leading companies, our aim is to create a basis for knowledge sharing and discussion on the usage of magnesium stearate-coated lactose”

Harry Peters – DFE Pharma

“The results from this research will significantly strengthen our understanding of the coating process and the correlation between lactose quality, blending, flowability and dosing. We are looking forward to translating these findings into practical advice in our discussions with customers.”

Marco Laackmann – Harro Höfliger

“All three of us have already gained considerable experience of what does and doesn’t work in practice when it comes to magnesium stearate-coated lactose, but we will now be able to back this up with our own solid data about how all the individual steps in the process interact.”

Bert Dekens – Hosokawa Micron

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