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DFE Pharma

DFE Pharma as a leader in the field of inhalation grade lactose develops pharmaceutical lactose that facilitates delivery of your active ingredient to the lung. We work closely with pharmaceutical companies to design lactose particles with the required functionality for the drug, device and filling-platform. Our inhalation development team is available for customer’s new product development.

Harro Höfliger

Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has the experience and expertise to support you in realizing your entire product idea and will accompany you as a partner from the laboratory stage to production and packaging lines. As your supplier of technology and all-around problem solver, our work does not stop until your production is running perfectly. Across the board, all-encompassing and only the very best quality. Simply put – ALL YOU NEED.


HOSOKAWA MICRON offers pharmaceutical process equipment and systems for applications in laboratories, pilot plants and full-scale installations. Hosokawa Micron’s Cyclomix blending technology has become a well-accepted technology for high shear blending of DPI formulations. Finding the right balance for the required mixing energy is the critical issue and calls for a very efficient mixer. Delivering a fully homogeneous blend, without deterioration of the particles is a pre-requisite. The Cyclomix high shear blender has proven to be perfectly suitable for this application. 

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